Incline Village Home Values: Price/Sq.Ft (2006-2010)

by Joe Salcedo on 11:58 pm

Incline Village Short Sales

Change in price per square foot the past 4 years in Incline Village

Summary: Incline Village Average Price Per Square Foot the last 16 months: $309.69

Incline Village home prices started to go down by early 2008.   A major real estate recession affects all markets big and small regardless of local economic conditions that, even in a highly desirable area like Incline Village, price can take a hit.  The graph above shows the change of price per square foot the last four and a half years.  To give you a better perspective on how Incline home prices have changed let’s go back circa 2008:

  • Jan:  522
  • Feb:  416
  • Mar:  394
  • Apr:  333
  • May: 390
  • Jun:  428
  • July:  402
  • Aug:  491
  • Sept:  568
  • Oct:  352
  • Nov:  205
  • Dec:  270

The average price per square foot of homes sold in Incline Village in 2008 was $397.58. About $100 less than current prices. Take note that these sales range from $500,000 to $15,000,000! So there are homes that sold north of $1000/Sq.Ft. and homes that sold for $250/Sq.Ft. — (although I don’t think anything that low sold in 2008; the market at the Lake was still doing pretty good.)

If we would make a graph of 2008, it would look like this:

Incline Village Home Values

Incline Village Real Estate Price/Sq.Ft.

So $397.58 per square foot was the average in 2008 .  Hmmm, Let’s see how that stacks up to the most expensive zip codes in the world in 2008:

  • Sydney, Australia: $1,440 / Square Foot
  • Singapore: $1,550
  • Rome, Italy: $1,770
  • Hong Kong, China: $2,060
  • Tokyo, Japan: $2,080
  • Paris, France: $2,100
  • Moscow, Russia: 2,120
  • New York, USA: 2,160
  • London, U.K: $3,670
  • Monaco: $6,550

I haven’t checked the current 2011 numbers for these zip codes (that’s a whole different blog post), but here’s the most current Incline Village homes values:

Incline Village Price Per Square Foot (last 16 months): $309.69


  • Jan:  355
  • Feb:  264
  • Mar:  284
  • Apr:  315


  • Jan:  353
  • Feb:  287
  • Mar:  294
  • Apr:  332
  • May:  297
  • Jun:  335
  • July:  346
  • Aug:  280
  • Sept:  311
  • Oct:   335
  • Nov:  256
  • Dec:  311

Incline Village Average Price Per Square Foot the last 16 months: $309.69

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