SOLD — Lake Tahoe HAFA Short Sale Success Story

October 27, 2011

11 months and 2 days. The amount of time my client and I had to go through  to close my latest HAFA short sale in the North Lake Tahoe area. A big part of that eleven months was not “official” short sale negotiations but a series of actions — big and small — before we […]

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Quick Market Report on Incline Village and Latest Incline Short Sale Listings

October 13, 2011

Home Sales in Incline are down 11% from a year ago.  The number of homes sold this year have yet to hit the 80 mark (75 homes sold so far this year).  There are signs that point to a prolonged real estate decline as the economy has yet to find even ground with unemployment and […]

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Nevada Housing Prices Has Yet to Find a Bottom – Federal Housing Agency Data Suggests

September 29, 2011

The Nevada Housing Agency released it’s latest real estate data on Nevada — so far it doesn’t look good.

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San Diego Housing Prices Eerily Similar to Nevada

September 10, 2011

I put the California and Nevada housing markets side by side.

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Good News for Lake Tahoe Short Sales (California Side): New Law Protects Short Sale Hopefuls

July 20, 2011

A new law is signed by Gov. Jerry Brown that prevents banks from going after homeowners in California who have gone through a short sale.

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Oh my, here we go again.

July 13, 2011

Reading North Tahoe Bonanza’s article today: “The way the national media portrays the housing market in near chaos with neighborhoods in Cleveland being bulldozed to reduce blight and homes in Las Vegas selling for a fraction of the cost to build them…such is not the case for the lakeview subdivision in Incline Village.” Actually it’s […]

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How Will Reno’s Decline Affect Lake Tahoe’s Real Estate Market ?

July 5, 2011

Ireceived this article from the mail yesterday: 3 out of 5 mortgages in region (Reno-Sparks) underwater. It talks about the declining market in neighboring cities Reno and Sparks: “Lack of equity prevents homeowners from moving up to bigger homes — a key driver of activity for mid-range and higher-end properties. The inability of the mid-range […]

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HEADS UP: Feds Are Less Supportive of Jumbo Loans — might affect housing demand at the Lake

June 29, 2011

So far it seems like Nevada has not yet been affected by this (are there any houses outside of Lake Tahoe above $500,000 in Nevada?!).  But desirable areas in California like Monterey and Beverly Hills will be hit by summer’s end. As the New York Times reports: “For the last three years, federal agencies have […]

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Lake Tahoe Real Estate: “Lack of demand may keep house prices from a consistent rise until 2014”

June 22, 2011

One of the rare, fundamentally sound analysis on the Housing Market says that the earliest time the market could hit bottom is 2013. I agree.

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HAFA Short Sale Program — a better way of approaching a short sale?

June 14, 2011

I give a play by play analysis of the pros and cons of the HAFA short sale program for Lake Tahoe Short Sales.

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“Joe’s your man if you need someone to trust. Joe Salcedo is a hard working Realtor. Joe is very professional and will go the extra mile.”

– Philip Duane Johncock

“I was laid off from the state in November of 2007 due to major budget cuts. We were no longer able to make our house payments as the job market was just beginning to get worse and worse. My agent in San Jose found Joe Salcedo in Reno for me and told me he has a lot of experience in short sales. He priced our home at a very realistic price in relation to the market values at the time. Joe was very professional and before we knew it we had an offer on our home. In September of 2008 our home closed and the bank forgave the difference. A short sale comes off of your credit in a much, much shorter time than a bank foreclosure. We will be forever grateful for the assistance of Joe Salcedo”

– James and Marsha McGinnis (feel free to call for a reference, Joe has my number)

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